About Me


Hey there!

My name is Alexandra and I’m a 20 year old gal from New England who is passionate about promoting a sustainable lifestyle through the written word. Since I was a little girl, my mother has instilled a curiosity in me all things related to health and wellness. While other families were using Clorox cleaning wipes as their cleaners or Febreze as their air freshener, we were using Seventh Generation or opened windows. Little did I know that not only was using these products vital for protecting our personal health, but the environment as well. We often disconnect the lifestyle choices/products we utilize as humans and their connection to the environment.

I remember my first real exposure to the term global warming, was 4th grade during Christmas time. There was a booth outside of the lunch room that was selling polar bear bracelets, to raise awareness for polar bears endangered in the Arctic. A month later,  it was 60 degrees out and I was wearing a skirt. Little did I know of the rainy summers, 65-70 degree weeks in February, and New England hurricanes that were yet to come. And we haven’t even seen the worst of climate change’s wrath yet. As a kid, I grew up thinking that it was purely the emissions that were being released from cars that was causing global warming. While carbon emissions coming from cars is a huge issue when it comes to climate change, it is not the only one. As an adult, I’ve realized that it is the clothing we wear, products we buy,  food we eat, and community we build, that also makes a difference. Even though 70% of Americans believe in Climate Change, many of them (myself included at one point) think that they just need to wait around for when cars run on solar energy. However, these catastrophic environmental events are happening faster and it is imperative that we act now. Because it is of my opinion, that we humans are the solution to the problem. While the government can certainly help us, it is only us ordinary humans alone that can fix this. For instance, I am no environmental scientist, but I can use my love of language to communicate how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The little things add up. We have the power to change things through living more consciously and caring about the people on our planet as a whole, instead of acting out of greed. Through sustainability, not only can we save the planet, but create a better tomorrow.

My approach to sustainability is an affordable, balanced approach that focuses on making more conscious decisions that reduces impact, rather than complete elimination and perfectionism.This approach will be reflected in my blog posts. I am on this journey of becoming a more sustainable human and created this blog to as an outlet to document this evolutionary process.

I am currently a Writing major at college with a minor in Environmental Studies. In addition to loving creative writing and sustainability, I also love photography, travel, music, reading, being outdoors, yoga, and being on the constant lookout for delicious, allergy friendly food. I’m looking forward to you all joining me on this journey towards sustainability.