About Me

Hey there!

My name is Alexandra and I’m a 23 year old gal from New England who is passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle, health and wellness, and social justice. I’m equally as passionate about the power of words and images (hence why I was a writing major and design minor in college.) I believe that everyone has a place in mitigating the effects of climate change and creating a healthy and thriving planet for all — regardless of what your industry or interests are. I once had a professor say, “Live out your passions, but make sure the Earth is your second passion.” This statement resonated with me deeply. I strive to do my research and look at issues from a systemic lens and write posts that inspire individual, group, community, and global/governmental action.

Where did this passion for all things sustainability come from? Ever since I was a little girl, my mother instilled a curiosity in me to all things related to health and wellness. Therefore, I always grew up with organic food and eco-friendly products in our house. Of course, this was a privilege and while organic food/eco-friendly products should become the norm, it’s not what environmental sustainability should be all about.

I took an elective course in high school called Green Design and Technology, which changed my perspective. I started to connect the dots and saw how treating ourselves as separate from nature has lead us onto a path of destruction. It’s the fossil fuel industry. It’s our agricultural system. It’s consumerism. It’s how our products are manufactured. It’s how our government is bought and sold. After taking this course, I started to realize that it wasn’t just about eating organic food or using non-toxic beauty products. I started to take a second look at things I never really thought about such as my plastic usage and shopping from fast fashion retailers.

Even though the majority of Americans believe in Climate Change, many of them (myself included at one point) think that they just need to wait around for when cars run on solar energy. However, these catastrophic environmental events are happening faster and it is imperative that we act now. But my opinion on how we need to take action has changed over time. I used to believe that the little actions, such as reducing your waste, shopping from local farmers, and not supporting fast fashion were the answer. While individual actions are important, I now thoroughly believe that we need systemic, governmental change the most. It’s also important to recognize privilege when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury for well-off white people because living in a clean environment should be a human right for everybody.  This is why I will always recommend and talk about systemic solutions, in addition to individual ones. We have the power to change things through living more consciously and caring about the people on our planet as a whole, instead of acting out of greed. Through sustainability, not only can we save the planet, but create a better tomorrow. And there’s nothing more hopeful to me than that.

I’m also an imperfect environmentalist. I still use plastic. I eat meat. I drive a car and occasionally fly on airplanes. Therefore, I will always encourage others to make decisions that reduce impact, rather than complete elimination and perfectionism. This non-judgmental approach will be reflected in my blog posts. I am on this journey of becoming a more sustainable human and definitely don’t have it all figured it out. I welcome you to join me on this sustainability journey.