4 affordable sustainable fashion and cosmetic brands

It is of my opinion that many sustainable clothing and makeup brands are priced at a point that make it inaccessible for the average person to comfortably afford. While "buy less, buy better" is a good overall principle to live by, not everyone can fork out $150 for an organic cotton shirt. Many people are … Continue reading 4 affordable sustainable fashion and cosmetic brands

Baby Steps Towards Personal Sustainability

When I first started to become a more conscious consumer, I didn't think about how sustainability could work into my everyday routine. I randomly bought purple hemp shorts on Etsy and then felt like a clown when I put them on. I bought silicone straws after talking with a passionate expert on plastic pollution even … Continue reading Baby Steps Towards Personal Sustainability

Documentary Recommendations — Sustainability Edition

One of the ways I've been passing the time during this Covid-19 period has been watching documentaries. Some people are big movie buffs, well I'm a big documentary buff. I believe that watching documentaries are one of the best ways to learn about systemic issues or topics you're not familiar with. Documentaries dive deep into … Continue reading Documentary Recommendations — Sustainability Edition

Sustainable Gift Giving Guide 2019

There’s nothing I love more than giving gifts. I’m one of those people who prefers to give gifts rather than receive them. I just love to see the smile of a loved one light up when I give them something that is meaningful. However, a lot of people don’t love the holidays because of the … Continue reading Sustainable Gift Giving Guide 2019

Movie Reflections: Now and Then

Hello there! I can’t believe it’s been over two years since I’ve written on this blog. I’ve been aching to write on it again for a while now, but college has kept me preoccupied. I plan on writing on this blog more frequently because I enjoy it immensely as a creative outlet. I know I … Continue reading Movie Reflections: Now and Then

Being An Imperfect Environmentalist

Over the past year, I've gotten into sustainability and protecting the Earth. I light up every time I hear the word 'sustainable' or 'sustainability'. From the research I've done, I have realized that a lot of the world's problems are connected to the environment and our inability to slow down. The concept of living more … Continue reading Being An Imperfect Environmentalist

How To Avoid The Fast Fashion Industry On A College Student Budget

Recently, a well-established women's clothing store, The Limited, has closed their in-store businesses after 54 years. Why? Because consumers are showing a preference for cheap, fast fashion retailers that can keep up with yearly trends. The Limited was known for making multi-purpose, business casual clothing that never went out of style. This used to be … Continue reading How To Avoid The Fast Fashion Industry On A College Student Budget

VSCO Cam App Review

I have a DSLR and I love it to death, but let's face it, it's not always the most fun to be carrying this heavy weight around your neck at all times. There have been many times when I've gone to just the grocery store and therefore, didn't bother to bring my DSLR with me. … Continue reading VSCO Cam App Review

Why Sarah Mclachlan is One of the Best Female Musicians of All Time

Sarah Mclachlan. You might know her for a few things. The song Angel. Her tear-jerking ASPCA commercials. Being Canadian. Lilith Fair. However, in my opinion, she is so much more than this and is totally underrated as an artist. My journey of listening to Sarah Mclachlan started when I was very little because my mother … Continue reading Why Sarah Mclachlan is One of the Best Female Musicians of All Time

15 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

My teen years weren't the easiest of times. Between a tough course load, awkward body changes, and navigating the ever so complicated social scene, the teen years are not as wonderful as those movies, tv shows, and books make them out to be. I am graduating high school this Friday and now find myself in … Continue reading 15 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self