Baby Steps Towards Personal Sustainability

When I first started to become a more conscious consumer, I didn't think about how sustainability could work into my everyday routine. I randomly bought purple hemp shorts on Etsy and then felt like a clown when I put them on. I bought silicone straws after talking with a passionate expert on plastic pollution even … Continue reading Baby Steps Towards Personal Sustainability

Documentary Recommendations — Sustainability Edition

One of the ways I've been passing the time during this Covid-19 period has been watching documentaries. Some people are big movie buffs, well I'm a big documentary buff. I believe that watching documentaries are one of the best ways to learn about systemic issues or topics you're not familiar with. Documentaries dive deep into … Continue reading Documentary Recommendations — Sustainability Edition

Sustainable Gift Giving Guide 2019

There’s nothing I love more than giving gifts. I’m one of those people who prefers to give gifts rather than receive them. I just love to see the smile of a loved one light up when I give them something that is meaningful. However, a lot of people don’t love the holidays because of the … Continue reading Sustainable Gift Giving Guide 2019

Being An Imperfect Environmentalist

Over the past year, I've gotten into sustainability and protecting the Earth. I light up every time I hear the word 'sustainable' or 'sustainability'. From the research I've done, I have realized that a lot of the world's problems are connected to the environment and our inability to slow down. The concept of living more … Continue reading Being An Imperfect Environmentalist

How To Avoid The Fast Fashion Industry On A College Student Budget

Recently, a well-established women's clothing store, The Limited, has closed their in-store businesses after 54 years. Why? Because consumers are showing a preference for cheap, fast fashion retailers that can keep up with yearly trends. The Limited was known for making multi-purpose, business casual clothing that never went out of style. This used to be … Continue reading How To Avoid The Fast Fashion Industry On A College Student Budget