Spring in February OOTD

Can I just say that the weather was absolutley delightful in New England today?! There is nothing that brings out joyfulness in me more than that first taste of spring air. It was so nice to finally wear an outfit that wasn’t shielded by chunky scarves, knitted hats, and marshmallow coats. Now don’t get me wrong, I like those types of clothes but I’ve just had ENOUGH OF IT ALREADY, haha :). Dude maybe I should just move down South, lol.

Hence the beautiful weather, I decided to do an OOTD with some clothes I got recently for my birthday.  The whole entire outfit with the exception of the floppy hat (Forever 21) are from boutiques as I like supporting small, local New England businesses as much as I can.



Now I love this outfit because you can wear it casually or for a night out. Versatility is something I always look for when shopping for clothes. It also hugs your curves in a flattering way, but isn’t too sexy. Not only am I in love with the print, but these pieces of clothing has two of my most favorite colors in it, maroon and navy! Additionally, I decided to wear my navy fleece lined leggings to pick up on the navy in the crop top/pencil skirt.





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