Winter Musings

Let it snow let it snow.jpg

Pristine white beauty

Echoes in my presence

Snow in the shape of flowers

Branches painted with frozen water vapor disguised as vanilla frosting

The season of enchanting blandness

Makes me have-

visions of an odd juxtaposition pulse through my brain

Of peaceful bliss and roaring exhilaration


Black Tire Swing.jpg

Remnants of my childhood lay before me

Buried beneath the snow I see

Wobbling on that trail of rocks

Soaring on that tire swing

Turning sticks and leaves into fairy houses



These were the berries I’d feed to the fairies

My mind ponders on the taste of this mysterious fruit

But they are poison

Or at least I think, a fleeting memory tells me so

They mask their ugly with beauty

Hopefully they didn’t hurt the fairies


This is what it would look like if winter could take a photograph of itself

Sunlight glistening through the trees

Traces of soothing purple and blue outlining the frosty branches

magical tree.jpg

In between the ephemeral lovely moments of winter

Hide a gloomy side

This evening I feel

white and listless on the inside with specks of sadness as blue as this picture

the desire to take the world on my shoulders and accomplish all of my plans

But instead of actually having the resolve to get off the couch and check them off one by one….

I want to sleep and dream about it

Envisioning myself cook up a storm, but wanting to spit out everything my tongue touches

Thanks symptom from recent virus

Knowing that my life is going to change soon before my eyes, but not feeling myself change with it


Monster Snow Trees.jpg

Old habits latch onto me like a leach

My selfishness



To name a few

New Years resolutions are picked up by the snowy wind

Is winter a monster?

Like the picture of those trees

But I know that it’s just today

Hope you all enjoyed this!!! Photography and creative writing are two of my greatest passions so I thought that I’d combine the two tonight. I’m okay you guys just to let you know :). Just not having the best evening. Thought that I’d write this because I feel like everyone feels this way in the winter sometimes. “Dude, why are these New Years Resolutions, not working out?! Are they deep in the snow somewhere?!” Lol :P. 




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