Valentine’s OOTD and Makeup

This is my 19th year celebrating Valentine’s Day as a perpetually single woman.  As of recently, there seems to be this debate on the internet on the topic of Valentine’s day. Lots of folks are apparently saying that they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because they feel like its only for couples and/or has too much of a consumerism basis. While I can understand this viewpoint, I think that it’s nice to dedicate a day of the year for celebrating your loved ones. While it is vital to show those whom you cherish that you care everyday, we all get busy and it is hard to treat those we love specially, every day of the week. There is no reason that you can’t celebrate loving yourself and your friends/family on Valentine’s Day. One of the ways I like to celebrate the occasion is by dressing up and incorporating Valentine colors/symbols into my outfit. Here’s my Valentine’s OOTD and Makeup!




Red and Black Flower Crown: Pac Sun 

Leather Jacket: Charlotte Russe

Floral Crop Top: J.C. Penney 

Red Cami: Some boutique that I can’t remember the name of 

Red Fleece Lined Leggings: From Pretty Little Things, a fantastic boutique in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire 

I thought that the red rose flower crown was perfect for the occasion! Red + Flowers + Roses = could you get any better?!?! To keep with Valentine’s Day colors chosen, I also wore a pink crop top with flowers on it and to keep with the red color scheme, chose a red cami and leggings from my closet. My tip for dressing up for any holiday is to look for colors and symbols that are representative.  For Valentine’s Day, this means colors such as red, purple, and pink, and symbols such as flowers, hearts, cuddly animals, chocolate and candy.

Now onto the makeup:


For this non-toxic makeup look, I blended the eyeshadow colors ‘urchin’ and ‘coral sand’ together from my Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette as well as using ‘skinny dip’, a beige color, on the inner corners of my eyes to given me an awakened look. Urchin is the perfect color for Valentine’s Day, or really any day of the week, as it is described as a ‘soft jeweled iridescent purple’ but on the lid it wears more like a neutral brown. It still does have purple tones to it though, don’t get me wrong. This is good for me because if I wear too much purple on my lids, it looks as though somebody punched me square in the eyes.  Additionally, the matte peach shade was great to blend with because peach is a great color for brown eyes and is a nice, soft color, perfect for Valentine’s Day. For eyeliner, I did a simple line across the top of my lid using my Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner in Slate for a soft but yet eye popping look. For my cheeks I used my over-loved Vapour Organic Beauty Cream Blush in Lure. This plummy color is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Additionally, I used a plum colored lip gloss from Gabriel Cosmetics that I cannot find no matter how hard I try on their website. I think it’s discontinued :/.

What’s your go to Valentine’s Day outfit and makeup?!





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