My Green Beauty Spring Wishlist





I am a broke student. I’m always admiring different products and am sure to make my daily windows 10 pretend shopping run, but in reality, I have no money for these products. I often find myself thinking, “Oh wouldn’t this be fun to review,” and then, “…wait, I have no money to review this product, waaaah”. However, I do plan on searching for a part time job before starting college this fall and hope that when I do get hired, I’ll have some leftover money to purchase some of the following green beauty products I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. Check out my green beauty spring wishlist below.

1.) Jane Iredale PureLip Glosses: The colors of some of these lip glosses, hands down, are some of the most unique I’ve ever seen. It is hard to find some of these colors anywhere let alone in a lip gloss formula. I’ve also seen pictures of these lip glosses on other people and they look perfect with just the right amount of shimmer and shine. There are two types of females in this world I believe, lip gloss people and lipstick people. I love a good lipstick, but I’m most definitely a lip gloss person. I love that lip glosses give that one-two punch effect of moisturizing (my lips get insanely dry) while adding a splash of color to your lips. Plus they give me a poutey look that I like :). These glosses do have fd and c dyes in them, which I usually avoid, but these colors are just screaming my name. I’m still debating whether or not I should get these when I have the money, but I figure that as long as I don’t wear them like everyday I’m good. After all, it’s all about a balance in life, eh?!  The glosses I have my eye on right now are SnowberryKir RoyalePink SmoothieRed Currant, and Sugar Plum. Which color(s) would you pick?

2.) Red Apple Lipsticks in Mayberry and Hibiscus: I’ve been wanting pretty much all of Red Apple’s lipsticks for the longest time now. The ingredients are superb and are free of gluten as well as some other nasties. Mayberry looks like the perfect nude, everyday color to me. Not too nude as it is has subtle dusty rose/berry tones, but not so bright and colorful that you have to be very particular about what you wear. I also feel like this color is perfect for any season, which I want. Hibiscus on the other hand, is the perfect spring color. A bold raspberry hue is what’s sported in this lipstick and I feel like this is the ultimate happy color, one that can cheer you up on a rainy April Day or just make the sunbeams radiate outside even more. Okay, maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself as I haven’t even tried this lipstick yet, but colors emote a lot of feelings in me, okay?! Sadly right now, it’s sold out, but I don’t have any money right now anyways, so hopefully it will be back in stock when I do.

3.) Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer: It is no secret that I have dark circles under my eyes, like big time. It is not from a lack of sleeping I swear, they just have always been there for as long as I can remember. In fact, I remember one girl in the 8th grade commenting how it looked like my eyeliner had smudged all the way down to my under eye area and that I hadn’t slept for days. I panicked and ran to the school bathroom and saw that it wasn’t my eyeliner that had smudged, but it was the dark circles that she was noticing. You’d think that this make me run out and purchase a concealer right away, right? Nope! Whenever I’d have some cash to spend on makeup products, I wanted it to be bright, colorful eye-shadows or lipsticks. However, I sampled this product a few years ago and it did make a significant difference. I appeared more awake and it made my eye looks more clean cut. Plus, it did not cake at all and you couldn’t even notice it was there, which was a super plus! I want to purchase this soon, but its also pretty expensive, as are most of the products are on this list, hence why I’m calling this my wishlist.

4.) Trader Joe’s Lavender Body Scrub: My shower routine is really boring. I just go in there, soap, shave, shampoo, conditioner and then I’m done. However, I believe that shower time is a time for self-care and to relax and unwind, so I think it’d be nice to add exfoliation into the routine.  Why not do it with something that smells divine and has stress relieving properties? Plus, I already adore the scent of lavender so it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll love it already. I think that this will be one of the first purchases I make as its pretty inexpensive at only $6.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Which one of these products are on your wishlist? Do you own/have tried any of these products? Be sure to let me know in the comments down below! Stay tuned for Part II, where I discuss which fashion/other fantabulous products are on my wishlist!





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