Part I of the Snowflake Series: Enjoying Winter As A Non-Winter Person

I love the sound of the season winter. I might even name my future daughter winter. The 1st snowfall is always very special to me, especially during Christmas time; everything looks so picturesque with all of the lights. But that’s pretty much the extent of it. After the first 3 weeks or so, I want winter to be over. Done. Co-put. Fin. Okay, I don’t hate winter that much, but if I had to chose a least favorite season it’d probably winter. Actually no, it’d probably be March- early to mid April. These muddy, disgusting months filled with slush and cold rain need to go. Plus, April is my worst month for environmental allergy season. Yeah, leprechauns and bunnies are cute and all, but this time period doesn’t even really feel like a season. Just 6 weeks of pure mush. It deserves its own season. Let’s call it, Marp. An unattractive name that fits what I’ve been describing perfectly.


Here’s the peculiar part. I would never get rid of Marp or winter. As a New Englander, I truly appreciate the 4 seasons, because there is something special to each of them, even Marp. This has made me come to the realization that I no longer want to sit through winter complaining about it all the time and praying for an early spring. I want to enjoy the best of each season; including those that I don’t like normally. As a result of this new found revelation, I have decided to compile a list of tips on how to enjoy winter as a non-winter person. I hope that with this post, I can help others who usually bundle up under a million blankets looking at photos of flowers on Instagram just like me. Without further adieu, here are some of my tips and tricks!


Force Yourself To Go Outside and Enjoy Winter: Yes, this a tough one even for me, but I think that the 1st step to appreciating winter is not admiring it from indoors. Put your long johns on underneath your clothes, dress up like a marshmallow, and get outdoors to breathe in that fresh winter air. Take neighborhood walks with your family, friend, or loved one. You will start to warm up once you start moving, so much so that you might not even hats and gloves! I mean, don’t go walking around in sub-zero degree temperatures in the middle of blizzard, but when the weather is in favor, it’s worth a try. Snap pictures outside of all the pretty snow patterns and frosty trees. The whiteness of winter also makes for some amazing backgrounds for portraits, so be sure to consider taking photos of your friends or yourself outside.

Become a Child Again: Yup, you heard me right! I think that when winter comes, we forget about the glee that we once felt as children from going down our sleds or cutting out snowflakes. Find a hill to go sledding/tubing down or go to your local ski area as they usually have tubing nights (even glow in the dark, now how wicked is that?!). See if there is an outdoor ice rink somewhere near you. If you don’t have an outdoor ice rink, go to your local rink’s rock night. Many rinks have nights where you get to skate under disco lights to awesome music. If you don’t quite feel like going outside and walking up and back again each time you sled or falling on your ass when you skate, than do something child-like indoors! Learn how to make a paper snowflake again or pick out some old winter photos from when you were little and make a winter collage/scrapbook. If you aren’t an artsy type of person, than play your childhood favorite board games with your friends and family while sipping hot coco. See if you can finally beat Mom or Dad at monopoly after all of these years. There is no reason why you can’t let your inner childhood spirit run free during the wintertime.

Cook: Winter is the perfect time to try out those new recipes since the oven will warm up your house. Make a soup, stew, freshly baked bread, anything warm! If you are having trouble finding an incentive to cook, make an event out of it. Invite your friends and/or family for a warm potluck dinner or do soup and movie night, I don’t know, you’re smart, you can think of something :).

Get A Light Lamp: I personally haven’t suffered from seasonal effective disorder so far, but I know many that do. Purchase a light lamp to brighten your mood!

Stay Well: Becoming ill during the wintertime can definitely dampen the mood. Wash your hands more frequently! Don’t eat too much sugar! Stay physically active! If you find that you get sick a lot during the winter, consider purchasing vitamin D. drops. I used to get sick all the time in the winter as a kid and now that I take vitamin D. drops I rarely fall ill.  Of course, consult a doctor before starting anything new. Going through winter without the sniffles every two weeks is a great feeling :D.

Dress Cute: Often times in winter, myself included, we just want to sit home in our chunky sweaters and fleeced lined leggings. While this is definitely okay and encouraged during the winter, sometimes it’s fun to dress cute. Experiment with different types of outfits that not only keep you cozy, but are fashionable. It’s a tough challenge, but that’s the fun of it! For the makeup lovers here, winter is also a great time to try out new makeup looks. Dare to try that red lipstick you’ve been afraid to put on or look for a tutorial on how eyeliner like Adele. You deserve to feel glamorous, don’t let winter stop you :D.

Party: Plan a winter get together filled with a wonderland decor, games, and yummy warm food. Integrate some of the ideas that I mentioned above into a party. And after you’re done with all of the activities, Netflix and Chill (and I don’t mean that kind of chill. I don’t know why Netflix and Chill is a code for sex lol) your favorite winter movies with your guests. I recently planned an After New Years Party that I feel definitely made everyone’s winter a bit more special. Be on the lookout for a future blog post that describes how I made a successful non-alcoholic New Years Party.


This blog post is the first part to what I’m going to call: The Snowflake Series! My goal is to make winter more fun for myself and I want you all to join me. Let’s do this together!




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