Hiya! Thanks for checking out my blog :). My name is Alexandra, but pretty much everyone calls me Alex. You can call me whatever you want though; in fact, I would like more people to call me Alexandra because I think that it’s such a pretty name, I’m a brand spanking new adult (18 yrs old) from New England who is passionate about all things health, wellness, and the environment. I plan on writing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle (gluten-free/dairy-free food, green beauty, activities that I’m currently trying to incorporate more into my life, such as yoga and meditation, that are amazing for your mind/body etc.) and being more eco-conscious. However, I also plan on writing about various random topics on whatever interests me at the time, such as anthropology, Himalayan salt lamps, and outer space (wowerz those are wicked random things that are not at all related to each other lol), and fun stuff, such as television shows, books, home decor, art, and humorous anecdotes from my life. I’m also super duper into photography. I especially love digital imaging and creating alternative realities.  I plan on incorporating a lot of my photos into this internet space of mine and maybe even sharing some tid-bits! Again, thanks for checking out my blog and hopefully you’ll find whatever you learn from here interesting and helpful. I can’t wait to get to know you guys more and learn from y’all as well.


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